Betel Leaf Oil

Betel Leaf Oil

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Betel Leaf oil

 Betel or Arnica is a Perennial Plant with heart shaped leaves, which belong to Piperaceae family, and the herb is also called as betel pepper or wild pepper and leaves have clove like flavor, it is mainly found in Indian States of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil nadu & west Bengal.

 It is a vine & it needs pole or big tree for its support and needs well drained fertile soil.

Betel leaf Essential Oil is mostly used as Paan or liquid, Betel leaves have antiseptic properties & acts as breath freshener.


Betel leaf oil is obtained by process of steam distillation of betel leaves.


Betel leaf oil color varies from light yellow to Brown color.


Its main contents are tannins, chavicol, phenyl, propane & cyncole etc.


It blends well with Clove oil, cinnamon oil, and cardamom oil.


Owing to its antiseptic properties it relieves in nose bleeding, itchiness, vaginal wetness & other skin infections.

It acts as breath freshener.

It can cure intestinal worms.

It is helpful in treating constipation

It can prevent system from effects of pathogens & Microorganisms.

It helps in relieving from cold & Cough.

It eases pain.

It is useful in treating urine infections, headaches etc.

It can reduce effect of pimples.

Betel oil can provide relief in lower back pain.


Pregnant ladies should avoid betel leaf oil.