Curry Leaf Oil

Curry Leaf Oil

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The curry tree ( Murrya Koenigii) is native to India & Sri Lanka. It is a small tree & grows up to 20 Ft tall, leaves are pinnate; flowers are white which self pollinate. Leaves are highly valued for seasoning in southern & Indian cooking. The leaves of murraya are used as an herb in ayurvedic medicines.


Curry leaf oil is extracted from the leaves of Curry leaf plant by steam distillation.


Curry leaf oil is pale yellow in colour and gives a natural and good smell.


Its main ingredients are monoterpene hydrocarbon (pinene, camphene, limonene, myrcene) and monoterpene-derived alcohols (linalool, terpinene-4-ol, nerol, geraniol and also their acetates)


Curry leaf oil has a great value in medical sciences.

It is one of the chief herbs used to cure several diseases which include some serious disorders like infertility, nausea, astringent, lower blood pressure, dysentery, fever, vision, night blindness, etc.

If taken with coconut milk and salt, it can help in serious illness like hepatitis.

It is used against diabetes, hair loss, and as a remedy of helping the skin maintain its natural pigmentation.

It is used in maintaining health, heart, long hairs, and control deficiency of iron in our body.

It is used as Anti-inflammatory, Hepetoprotecctive, Antidiabitic, Antimicrobial, Antiovident, Antihypercholestrolemic.