Argan Oil

Argan Oil
Product Description
Argania is an angiosperm (flower producing plant) that belongs to Argan or Argania Spinosa family of plants. This species of tree is up to 10 meters in height and has barbs. Flowers and leaves of argan are small in shape. Fruits of this plant has dense outer layer that tastes bitter. This peel covers aromatic pericarp of fruits. The pericarp is the external layer of hard nut of argan that contain oil filled seeds. The nut of these fruits weighs 25% of their total weight. Fruits of argania require one year to mature. Oil from its fruits is extracted by splitting the nuts. Seeds of the nuts are procured and are roasted. Obtained oil has distinctive nutty smell.


  • Fruits of argan are air dried in an unenclosed outdoor space and their pulp is separated. Nuts of fruits are split to procure their kernel. To produce cooking oil, obtained kernel needs to be roasted slightly and it should be left for cooling. When it becomes cool, grind and smash it to extract unfiltered form of argan oil. Kernel of fruits is not roasted in case cosmetic grade oil is produced.
  • Argan oil is compatible with carrier oils like seed extracted oil of pomegranate.
  • Offered oil can be used in salad dressing or for dipping of bread.
  • This seed extracted oil is an effective remedy of a number of skin conditions like eczema.
  • Loaded with fatty acid and vitamin E, this oil is used to nourish skin by moisturizing it. Unique hydrating formula of this oil treats dull and dry skin.
  • It provides natural glow to hair by making it soft and shiny. It is also used to produce hair conditioner.
  • This fruit based oil effectively deals with fine lines and split ends of hair strands.
  • Antioxidant enriched content of this oil is used to produce anti aging skin care products.
  • Due to its anti inflammatory properties, this oil has soothing effect on skin. Its regular application maintains natural ph balance of skin.
  • Offered oil is non- sticky and it is effective in balancing hydration level of skin.
  • Anti oxidant enriched content of this oil repairs damaged skin tissues, heals inflammatory condition and aids in curing acne.
  • Oil of argan is effective in treating sagging skin condition and stretch marks.
  • This oil is effective in strengthening nails.
  • It makes lip soft and to appear plump.

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