Cypress Oil

Cypress Oil
Product Description

Cypress trees belong to cupressaceae class of evergreen plants that have scale or needle shaped leaves and cone shaped fruits. These groups of trees have pyramid like appearance and have up to 25 mm length. Thin stripe or plate shaped barks of these trees tend to separate and fall easily. Leaves of cypress have distinctive fragrance and branches of these trees are widespread. Cone shaped fruits of these trees are small in appearance.

  • Bark of these trees is steam distilled to extract oil.
  • Extracted oil has slight yellow appearance and has distinctively strong and woody smell.
  • This oil is enriched with elements like limonene mycrene, cedrol and alpha pinene
  • Oil of cypress is compatible with other wood extracted oils like pine and cedar wood oils. It also integrates well with citrus fruit extracted oils like grape and orange and also with essential aromatic rosemary and lavender extraction.
  • Unique astringent attributes of this natural oil promotes firmness of skin.
  • It has high anti inflammatory properties.
  • This oil has good anti bacterial features.
  • Useful for treating condition like haemorrhoid as it helps to reduce the size of blood vessel
  • Acts as an effective remedy for spasm
  • Beneficial for preventing bleeding from injured body parts
  • It has soothing effect.
  • It stimulates perspiration.
  • Useful for effective circulation of blood
  • Boosts memory
  • Useful for treating oedema
  • Serves as an effective remedy of acne
  • Oil of cypress provides lustrous and shiny hair by eliminating additional oil content of hair strands.
  • Reliable remedy of puffiness of eyes
  • Its application can be noticed in the formulation of aromatherapy items like incense sticks, bathing bars and aromatic candles.
  • This oil is also used in the content of lice shampoo.
  • Ask medical guidance prior to its use in case you are under treatment for certain health condition.
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