Grape Seed Essential Oil

Grape Seed Essential Oil
Product Description
Grape Seed Oil is extracted from wine grape fruits (scientific name is Vitis vinifera) that come under Vitaceae family of plants. These plants have maximum 32meters length and have scale like bark. Round and thick projected leaves of these grapes are 5 cm to 20 cm in length. Berry shaped fruits of these plants are mentioned as grapes.

  • Oil is obtained from grape seeds by adopting cold press method. Advanced oil refining technique is also used for this purpose.
  • Offered oil is loaded with fatty acids like palmitoleic acid, linolenic acid, alpha linolenic acid, hexadecanoic acid, octadecanoic acid and oleic acid. This oil is also loaded with elements like vitamin E, steroids and tocopherols.
  • This fruit based oil has light green appearance and has distinctive nutty flavour. Due to its anti oxidant enriched content, this oil is used during production of different skin care items.
  • Packed with omega 6 fatty acids, this oil is used for cooking purpose. Known for its high burning point and is useful for frying of edible items.
  • It acts as an effective lubricant during shaving and its hair application keeps hair strands hydrated. Moreover, it promotes growth and fortifies roots of hair strands.
  • In aromatherapy, this oil is used for massage purpose. Skin application of this oil helps to treat damaged skin for its unique anti septic and astringent characteristics.
  • Enriched with anti oxidants, this oil has key role in controlling LDL level.
  • It is also used as one of the key ingredients of sun screen lotion and moisturizing cream.
  • This oil is effective remedy for diabetes.
  • Oil extracted from grape seeds helps to heal broken or damaged blood vessels and capillaries as well.
  • Unique anti-inflammatory attributes of this oil help to deal with swelling and several types of body aches.
  • This oil is the proven remedy of dermatitis, acne, skin allergies and asthma.
  • It boosts immunity power and enhances blood circulation level.
  • Useful for improving elasticity and firmness of skin
  • This oil needs to be stored in dark and cold place.
  • People who have allergy for grapes are recommended to remain abstain from using this oil.
  • Persons who are taking blood thinner medication should seek medical guidance before using this oil.
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